The TSH Forum is a powerful tool we have established to help the safety and security professionals all over the region to collaborate. Starting with a simple question to discussing a complex case, solve a problem, or share a lesson learned of a certain practice. Bring all your questions or concerns and let the other professionals alike to answer and contribute with their experience and knowledge.

Community sharing knowledge always bring valuable assets that could be used to the benefits to your business or company.

Not only this, if you are studying a case and need to overview the best practice in the market, you can utilize the “Poll” built-in features, create your own poll and broadcast among all the members, and let the result and smart analytics brings you the most fitting outcome.

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Have you ever wondered of how to find the best webinars, products demonstrations, sessions, on-line or live events, conferences, and exhibitions in the field? We have created a powerful center point for all these events y collecting all the events around the world into our calendar. Just search for what interests you, and simply register with your email so we notify you with the events of your choice.


This where you can find tens of “day-to-day” safety and security informative resources that simply can lit your way toward gaining more knowledge or taking the right decisions.

Links to the world-famous safety and security certifications, graduate, post graduate studies, travel support web sites, free access to largest libraries in the world, news agencies, live alerts sources, and more.

Vacancies (coming soon)

Search no more for jobs across multiple sites and search engines. We are bringing everything here; we are integrating with Linkedin and Indeed, the largest pool for jobs in the world, all related safety and security jobs will be displayed here, in our web site. This shall be your one stop search for new opportunities or career progress. All safety and security jobs of largest career search engines in the region are consolidated in one place here Linkedin, Indeed and Glassdoor.

Suppliers and System Integrators

Looking for a service provider, vendor or system integrator? Have a quick need for a service in a country out of your scope and need a high rated vendor? Doing your due diligence and look for partners to assist?

Across middle east and Africa region, we have curated all reputable service providers and systems integrators under one umbrella. Multiple categories such as: man guarding, K9 (trained dogs), safety and security consultant, firefighting solution providers, executive protection, and more.