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This bootcamp is a weeklong event that prepares teachers to teach CYBER.ORG’s updated High School Cybersecurity course.

This event is a full five-day professional development (9am – 11am Central and 1pm – 3pm Central) that will be a mixture of both asynchronous and synchronous learning. Participants will meet each morning to learn new cybersecurity content (including the June 2021 updates which include new lessons and activities) and run through a class from the student’s perspective. Attendees will work through challenging and technical labs with the CYBER.ORG staff while running through less challenging labs on their own. Attendees will also review selected Case Studies on their own and then discuss as a whole group. Each lab and case study will have a reflection document where participants will explain what they have achieved, learned, and require further support from each lab. This will be used to guide the post lab discussions as a whole group.

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