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NBCS – Collaborating to cut Business Crime

In this week’s webinar we are delighted to be joined by Peter Fisher, the General Manager of the National Business Crime Solution.

The National Business Crime Solution is an independent non-profit organisation owned by business for business supporting over 40,000 retail stores across the UK. With the roadmap firmly in place to reopen our economy do we need to think differently about how we protect business against organised crime and travelling offenders?

The key to meaningful outcomes when it comes to intelligence sharing is collaboration. Working in isolation with an incident report in so many cases only captures a fraction of crime.  Sharing intelligence and collaborating with other businesses across a variety of sectors, leading to data rich series link investigations increases the likelihood of deeper police investigation and therefore stronger outcomes.

Capturing data and information, analysing it and developing informative intelligence products can identify both current and emerging, providing knowledge to support important key tactical and strategic decisions, which can drive cost efficiencies.

A great deal of discussion has taken place regarding society’s ‘pent up demand’ for a return to some type of normality to enable them to do the things they did prior to the pandemic. Whilst this is good news for businesses, unfortunately, there will be those in society who will also be welcoming the opportunity to target businesses for criminal purposes.

Security professionals recognise the important role intelligence plays in deploying the right assets, in the right place, at the right time. Are we making the best use of intelligence to achieve this in the coming weeks and months?


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