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As a security professional, you understand the challenge of defining the value of your security program across the organization. You understand the inner workings of each strategy and tactic, but from the outside, it’s difficult to quantify how the work that your team is doing contributes to the organizational bottom line.

Join Resolver as we discuss practical strategies to help shift the security mindset in your organization. We’ll look at real examples of how industry-leading security teams have optimized their processes to provide more impactful reporting that not only enabled them to prove the value of corporate security to the organization, but also their increased departmental budget.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Shift the psychology of the security team from a “cost-center” to a “value-add” department
  • Implement tactics to help you focus on capturing incident prevention metrics
  • Find the ROI of an incident for better, more impactful reporting


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