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An executive overview of unifying your organization behind a NIST backed approach for managing cyber risk.

It’s no secret, the threat posed by cyber-crime is at an all time high. In fact, municipalities accounted for 45% of all ransomware attacks through 2020, and a startling 86% of breaches were financially motivated. Between financial deficits, and loss of trust, the implications are detrimental.

As these criminals continually increase the complexity of their methodologies, municipalities must stay two steps ahead of the trends by dynamically quantifying the dangers they face, and managing risk in an organized and repeatable manner. If not, they increase their risk of falling victim.

As with most complex challenges, this is easier said than done! Where do you start? How does your position as a technical or non-technical stakeholder in the organization play a role? And what can be done to organize and standardize departmental efforts?

Join Senior Account Executive, Nate Kline, as he provides an educational outline of a NIST backed approach for materializing your municipality’s repeatable strategy for tackling cyber risk. He will take the time to review the “Frame, Assess, Respond, Monitor” approach that helps to define your organization’s risk appetite, and act accordingly to impending threats.

This will be a great session to help unify the efforts of administrative leaders throughout your organization to accomplish the goal of dynamically managing cyber risk.

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