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Survey - How to evaluate security systems' integrators?

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Good day

Part of "The Security Hub" key elements is to provide as much available information to help the security professionals in their endeavor to continue enabling business and maintain safe and secure business operations. 

We are launching a set of surveys touching many important points and topics, all surveys will be public and freely accessible to the TSH respective users. 

We encourage all professionals to share their feedback, comments, and even topics that can be part of our survey set.

We are starting this survey campaign with one of the most wanted topics, which is "How you evaluate your security systems and integrators?"


Keep an eye on this post, all results will be embedded, you need to sign in to see the results, subscription is free of charge. 



  1. What are the most important criteria of how you evaluate the quality of the security systems integrators?
  2. When creating a tender for a new project, do you merge the first-year maintenance scope within the same scope of the installation project?
  3. What type of payment terms do you apply for maintenance contracts?
  4. Do you apply any Defect Liability Period in the contract? (Retain an amount of money until the warranty is expired or against defective work damage)
  5. Do you have software that tracks all service tickets raised during the maintenance period?
  6. Do you apply managed service concept or buy all your security systems?
  7. Which agreement type you apply, comprehensive or non-comprehensive?
  8. Who create and arrange for the security systems tenders (scope and pricing)?