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Development the Role of Civil Security in Egypt and the Middle East?

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Developing the Role of Civil Security in Egypt and the Middle East?


The Civil security must be developed in Egypt and the Middle East to play a supporting role for the governmental security to protect communities and peoples, in addition to civilian facilities, whether they are factories. Companies. Banks..... etc.

The first step comes from training security personal in the field of civil security to obtain the knowledge & professional qualifications.


  • There are many Security professionals in the field of civil security in Egypt and the Middle East has obtained certificates from America and Europe.
  • Does the content of the training material compatible with the security situation or the role of civil security in Egypt?
  • The types of threats & security risks in the Middle East or Egypt ...Not the same as the threats or security risks in Europe or America????
  • Does the security systems & Regulations in Egypt and the Middle East coincide with the federal Agencies in America?
  • It’s a must and required from the bodies or training centers located in Europe or America to cooperate with security training centers in Egypt and the Middle East to conduct training courses or programs that correspond to the security reality in Egypt and the Middle East.

I will explain more down below


The security world is full of professional certifications, ranging from:

Physical Security

 Homeland security designations & Counter Terrorism

 Fraud examiner’s certification,

 Crisis management,

Threat management,

 Critical incident stress.

Cyber Security ……………….etc


Main Questions?


A} Does the examination costs, re-certification fees and costs, and study times make sense for security professionals to grow in their careers?


The short answer to the value of professional security certifications is:

  • It depends. For the uninitiated, they mean nothing, other than a long string of initials behind the person’s name.
  • To other security professionals, these designations can represent a coded shorthand language that proves the long hours of study and expertise, built around years of experience, in a chosen technical or operational portion of a security career.
  • To external clients looking to hire security consultants for site assessments, private investigations, physical security improvements, or threat assessments and management, these designations may be a required and built-in part of any Request for Proposals (RFPs) they put out.
  • But the previous point isn't important to many clients. The most important thing is the ability to apply these certificates in reality, meaning that many clients put the applicants to security jobs under many practical tests to verify their capabilities and Practical Experiences. Away from their titles or certificates.


  • There are some security certificates issued by bodies and training centers that are in line with and in conformity with the security regulations in their origin countries and they cannot be applied in any way in other countries. For accuracy, let's say 50% can be applied. Is this enough to seek and pay money to obtain it?


The most important question remains? Should civil security training materials be identical worldwide?

Does the security situation in Europe or America coincide with the security situation in the Middle East? The answer is No .....

  • Because civil security is linked to society, customs and traditions, as well as regulatory laws and governmental security and safety bodies. From here comes the difference.


  • For Example : USA has many federal agencies ?

{The United States Government Manual lists 96 independent executive units and 220 components of the executive departments. An even more inclusive listing comes from, which lists 137 independent executive agencies and 268 units in the Cabinet.{1}{1}


Am I obligated to study any or about the above federal agencies.

Am I obligated to study certificates roaming in the field and regulation of these federal agencies? Or it applies the standards of those federal Agencies. I am not discussing the reliability of these standards or criticizing them here.

Am I obligated to study and go into deep information’s about { Center for Domestic Preparedness FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP), located in Anniston, Alabama, is the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS)'s only federally chartered Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) training center ? I don’t need it ,


B} Does the advertising, marketing method, and the course price? In addition to the time period for the course, the method of the exam and the size of the course materials? Who determines the strength of certificates?


  • Civil Security Professionals? Are subject to the propaganda influence of these bodies.. That their golden certificates are the ones that set specifications and standards for work in the field of civil security? In addition, those who obtain their membership have guaranteed entry into the field of civil security from its widest doors.


Rather, whoever continues to pay membership fees, certificate renewal fees and conference fees has ensured that he is in the Heavens of these bodies!!!!!


  • The question here is if I did not get a certificate from these bodies? Should I search for another job in another field?
  • Do I have to forget the practical experiences I gained throughout my career in the field of security? This is what is understood between and under the lines when reading their websites or their advertisements on social media?


  • Do I have to throw other certificates that I have obtained from other bodies or training centers in the trash? Cause these certificates & Studies are considered B or C class according to their standards?





The development of civil security in Egypt should starts from the point of obtaining what suits us from security knowledge.


Cooperation between security training centers in Egypt and their counterparts in America or Europe to create an identical scientific approach to civil security in Egypt & Middle East.


By :


{Homeland Security & Anti-Terrorism  }Consultant

HESC-Hostile Environment Security Consulting co.






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